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Powerful solutions will lead you to Bouwman Hydrauliek

Hydraulic Cylinders

Do you have a system in which you want to use a hydraulic cylinder? Then Bouwman Hydrauliek is the right address for you! We not only supply standard cylinders but also custom-made cylinders. We will advise you on choosing the correct part and can also design a complete package for you. From the drawing board right up to delivery of the system.
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For more information please contact the sales department, telephone number 0596 - 650 146 (open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm).

Cylinder reconditioning

  • Bouwman Hydrauliek is also your address for the reconditioning or maintenance of hydraulic cylinders. For reconditioning, consider:
  • Cylinders for all makes of hydraulic cranes
  • Cylinders for tipper and dumper trucks and agricultural machinery
  • Cylinders for bridges and locks
  • Cylinders for hatches and hatch cranes on board ships
  • All sorts and makes of pumps and motors


Besides our hydraulic cylinders, we can also offer Hydraulics services. We have fully equipped service vans with which we can repair or replace hydraulic hoses on site. We also have the necessary equipment in our workshop to recondition and test all types of cylinders, pumps and hydraulic motors.

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